Uncut 2.0


Over the allotted two days , 60 participants put their best foot forward to take home the coveted championship and the competition we witnessed was enthralling ,to put it lightly. We are also very thankful to the 21 adjudicators from Delhi University , who adjudged the various rounds with utmost accuracy. Our networking team had done extensive marketing for the event and we got around 96 registrations from all over the country.


The tournament kicked off at 3:30 on the 17th of October. The motions encompassed a wide range of topics , which were political , economic and socio-cultural in nature . The tournament was intricately divided into 4 stages : the preliminary stage ,the quarterfinals , the semifinals and the finals , respectively. The motion for the final round was “ This house will abolish the system of giving weightage to attendance in students’ final grade in educational institutions”. The participants displayed their skill of critical analysis and put forward some brilliant arguments , both for and against the motion. Not to forget , this event also provided a platform for all those who were new to the concept of parliamentary debate. The members of the organizing committee of the event acted as moderators and scribes for the various rounds to ensure decorum and smooth running of the debate.


All speakers received certificates of participation and the top 5 speakers were given certificates of merit. Team Milestone were the winners of the tournament , with Team Dumbledore’s Army being crowned as the runners-up. Despite a number of challenges , the members of The Uncut Team along with the active involvement of the participants and the adjudicators , strived hard to make the event a whirlwind success.