Uncut 1.0


The event panned over 2 days and saw participation from 70 students from all over the country. 20 adjudicators from Delhi University and NUJS Kolkata graciously stepped in to adjudge each round of the debate. Intensive marketing was done by the social media and networking team to reach out to as many as possible. Thousands of E-mails, messages and phone calls were made to contact all potential participants.


The tournament kicked off on the morning of 25th April and comprised of 4 rounds. The motions encompassed a wide variety of socially important issues which are relevant and resonate with India’s youth of today. Enthusiastic involvement and empowering speeches were the highlights of the event. Members of the Organizing Committee acted as moderators for each round to ensure smooth functioning. The debate not only provided an opportunity to seasoned debaters to showcase their talent but also educated the first-timers in the format and the working of a typical parliamentary debate.


Naturally there were a few hiccups along the way but these were dealt with swiftly by the organizing committee and Uncut 1.0 proved to be a fruitful initiative and a sturdy foundation for later events to come.