Body Image &
Sex Positivity


Uncut, in collaboration with Recover and Therapeute organized its first ever webinar on 23rd August, 2020.

The online debate was held in an open house style and revolved around issues of body image and sex positivity. The entire team worked tirelessly to gather maximum number participants, most of them being of the age of 15-20. The event saw active participation from those present. Members of the Uncut organizing committee acted as moderators to allow a smooth functioning of the debate and enable maximum number of speakers to share their views.


Many mainstream problems such as role of social media, society, school curriculum and parents in promoting body positivity and de-stigmatizing sexual relations were discussed in-depth.

After every 5-6 speeches, a query session was held where the professionals from Therapeute shared their knowledge on these topics while also answering questions of the participants. They helped demystify all themes discussed and also touched on topics such as approaching parents about your sex life and useful coping mechanisms. The session proved to be a learning experience for all, and also rooted a foundation for more such events to come.