The Uncut Team organised a virtual fundraiser concert, featuring 11 artists on the 26th of June to raise money for Covid Relief. The fundraiser went live on 13th June at 12 noon and in the span of just two weeks, we managed to raise an upwards of 2 lakh rupees.

The money went to various organisations who were working for COVID relief and individuals who were gravely affected during the pandemic



Mukti Morcha

They are a non-profit organisation working towards helping bonded and migrant labour and providing them with ration kits .

With the money provided to them they hosted food drives.

In case you wish to donate:
Contact +91 70117 74973


They are a non-profit organisation based in Delhi . Notably known for working with underprivileged children and the elderly. They have set-up an old age home 'Vridhashram' and will be using the funds provided to build a school for underprivileged children with learning disabilities, which is already under construction.

In case you wish to donate:
+91 9667970888, +91 9717296297, 

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Vikas Dhara

A school for underprivileged children in Delhi, used the money provided to buy electronics so that the students could continue with online education .


Manav Sarthi is a Non-Governmental Organisation with motto “Development of Humankind”

They used the funding provided to food kits and oxygen cylinders to people in need.

Contact: +91 8860606089

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We donated the remaining funds to two fundraisers , the links for the same are listed below. We urge all of you to amplify and donate as much as possible


Sana is Fighting- Ketto
My father is Fighting - Ketto