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About Us.


Uncut is a student organization with an aim to educate the youth and facilitating conversations between them on topics ranging from governmental policies to economics, current events and mental health. Uncut aims to provide a unique platform for people to learn and deliberate in form of Parliamentary Debates, Webinars, Research Articles, Quizzes regarding current Events and even interviews. 

Our Heads.


“I have so much work but wait let me first make a Spotify playlist ” is Suhani’s go to remedy for everything that is stressing her out. Her leadership skills are what make Uncut a smoothly sailing ship amidst rough waters.

Suhani could be best described as a socially awkward feminist with a heart that melts over David Dobrik and a mind that needs coffee to function.


Let me put on some music and have a cup of hazelnut latte” is Tia’s mood for every occasion. Mostly, she can be found in cafes, discussing everything under the sun from queer rights to the beauty of sunsets. Her leadership skills have proved to be a blessing for Uncut.


Tia could be best described as an outgoing but socially awkward feminist who also beautifully writes in a way that will move you to tears, all this while procrastinating in a professional manner.

Director of Media & Logistics

Bhavya, as described by his core team members, is a huge "workaholic". His design skills, lie within the largest visible spectrum ranging from websites to posters to certificates to anything that we throw at him. His design skills are only complimented by his exceptional photography skills that leave us all in awe. He's also the intimidating head (ahem ahem)

Bhavya is also the resident tech geek and manages the logistical part of everything (which basically means he's good at spreadsheets), handles media production & design and manages to be our resident connoisseur of bad jokes.

Director of Social Media

A self declared "niche internet micro-celebrity", Harish is the epitome of confidence and eloquence. Being one of the few heads who doesn't identify as "slightly socially awkward", he finds peace and happiness in the little things of life : friends, topramen, ukulele and terribly bad jokes. Professionally, Harish is a finance student with an avid interest and acumen in all things investing. He's a deep believer in mutual funds and is always down to have a chat about the market. Being the social media and skillshare development head of Uncut, he adds value by bringing in new topics and thoughts that are useful to the audience and finds creative ways of presenting them.

Director of Editorial

Prabhpreet, is the physical manifestation of the term "an all rounder" as seen by his achievements in fields that range from sports to academics to his newfound interest in music and even animation.


He has participated in countless debates and more MUNs than we can name in the capacity of an executive board member and a delegate. His oratory skills are at par with his eloquence in creative writing ranging from poetry to articles. Apart from being slightly socially awkward, Prabhpreet's taste in music somehow makes up for his questionable choice of clothing

Director of PR

"Subtitles are so I can follow my favourite rom-coms while I munch on a pack of Doritos, all cuddled up” is Shivanshi’s go to relaxing indulgence. When she drops the identity of being a multi-tasker, you would find her listening to literally every genre of music or tiptoeing on it.

Shivanshi is an individual who views the world through a uniquely crafted artistic lens. Her passion for design, knack for varying forms of art and commitment towards perfection makes her work for our team unparalleled. She is also an avid environmentalist, food connoisseur and a loyal friend or F.R.I.E.N.D’s fanatic- so ask ‘how you doin’ and expect the sweetest smile.